Five Most Likely Options For Martin Truex Jr In 2019

#1 Stewart Haas Racing In The #41

We’ve played what if a lot throughout this piece, but the biggest one of them all has to be what if Kurt Busch leaves Stewart Haas Racing? Believe it or not, it is once again an option thanks to Monster Energy stepping away from the sport at the end of the year and the powerhouse cup series will need someone to fill Busch’s shoes.

With that being said, why not make a power move and get another member of the big three under their banner?  Not only does Truex jr going ot SHR keep him at the same competition level that he was at with FRR, it also eliminates one of SHR’s biggest threats to the title, which would be an important victory and the start of something big for both SHR and Truex Jr.

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