Five Most Likely Options For Martin Truex Jr In 2019

#5 Roush Fenway Racing in The #6/ Richard Childress Racing in The #31

The only reason these two picks are combined is the fact that they both have a low likelihood of happening for a variety of reasons. Of course maybe The RCR deal is a little more likely  due to the fact that they have actually been to victory lane this year, but both deals would put Truex Jr at a huge disadvantage competition wise.

The again, maybe Martin Truex Jr is the driver that could turn both of those rides around and take them into the final four. In fact, with Martin Truex Jr being the defending Cup Series champion, he would be an ideal pick for teams that are dying  to know how to be more competitive. In the end, its entirely possible that Martin Truex Jr could bring that to both rides, which is a huge upside for them!

Interestingly enough, Ryan Newman signed a multi year deal with RCR, which might expire and 2019 and Trevor Bayne is likely out at the RFR, which means both these deals are possible. Of course the RFR deal will depend on whether Matt Kenseth takes over the #6 or not, but with its lack of competitive edge, one  would have to wonder why he would want to.

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