Five Major Problems NASCAR Needs To Fix After The Daytona 500

Continuing to use The Earnhardt legacy to keep the sport alive

Again, Austin Dillon was probably the best result possible for NASCAR from a fan standpoint, but it also furthers a narrative that is unfair to many of its other drivers. While it is understandable that NASCAR wanted to focus on the parallels between Dale Earnhardt and Austin DIllon after Dillon came away with the 500 victory, doing so is only unfairly keeping The Earnhardt legacy alive.

With that in mind, NASCAR would have been much better off to try and sell the fans on why Austin Dillon will be a future great of the sport and less time trying to draw comparisons between him and the late great Intimidator. Hopefully NASCAR will focus less on that legacy as time goes on and allow young Dillon to step into the spotlight, but that doesn’t seem likely if he continues to drive a black three car.

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