Five Drivers That Should Lose Their Ride If They Don’t Perform In 2018.

#2 Jamie McMurray

Another example of someone locked into a deal for the foreseeable future, Jamie McMurray is about as far away from the future of NASCAR that you can get and that’s why he shouldn’t hold his spot at CGR for much longer. Sure, McMurray made The Playoffs this year on points and even brought home many hard fought top-ten finishes as well, but he can’t seem to get any further then that.

In fact, McMurray, who recently admitted that he thought he had about five more years in him before he retired from full time Cup competition, made the playoffs last year as well, but failed to make it past the first round. Unfortunately for The former Daytona 500 Champion, his age, his lackluster performances and supply of new talent ready to take his spot almost ensures that he will lose his ride before the five years are up.

Do you agree?

Wins: 0

Top-five’s 3

Top-ten’s 17

Final Standings 12th

Last ten races: 1 top-five 3 top-ten’s

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