Five Drivers That Should Lose Their Ride If They Don’t Perform In 2018.

#5 Clint Bowyer.

While the future looked extremely bright for Clint Bowyer after signing with Stewart Haas Racing in 2016 and getting to take Tony Stewart’s historic ride for the 2017 season, it all ended in disaster after Bowyer failed to make the playoffs or even win a race with his new team. Not only that, his top-ten finishes were few and far between in 2017, which only furthers the case for Bowyer losing the ride in the near future.

With that being said , Bowyer was known to have a bit of a attitude problem during his time with HScott Motorsports and while a lot of that probably had to do with performance problems, he still didn’t act like a veteran driver should and rally the team together through the hard times.  In the end, Bowyer’s performance problems and attitude when things don’t go his way should lead to someone taking his seat if he doesn’t perform in 2018.

2017 stats

Wins: 0

Top-fives: 6

Top-ten’s: 13

Final Standings: 18th

Last ten races: 1 top-five and two top-tens

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