Five Drivers That NASCAR Must Punish After The Coke Zero Sugar 400

#4 Brad Keseowski

Brad Keselowski held nothing back in his interview after the lap 53 wreck that took out 25 cars and why should he have? Not only was Keselowski again screwed out of a win and stage points that could have helped him towards a championship, he was also taken out of the race by a block that should have probably never happened.

Of course blocking can be a critical part of the last couple of laps, but it was arguably too early for blocking and it really screwed up a lot of drivers race in the process. With that being said however, Keselowski went a step further then being upset about the crash and decided to threaten the entire Cup Series field if it happened again.

“Ricky was doing the best he could to give me a good push and had a great run to take the lead and the car in front of me just threw a late, bad block,” Keselowski said of Byron. “I made the mistake of lifting instead of just driving through him and that’s my fault. I know better than that. I’ve got to wreck more people and then they’ll stop blocking me late and behind like that. That’s my fault. I’ll take the credit for my team and we’ll go to Talladega and we’ll wreck everybody that throws a bad block like that.”

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