Five Drivers That Could Replace Danica Patrick As The Host Of The ESPY’s

#1 Dale Jr

Think about it!

Not only is Dale Earnhardt Jr a major name that will help The ESPY’s gain the ratings that they deserve, he is also of the few NASCAR drivers that has the crossover appeal to pull something like this off. Maybe Jr could even bring a couple of the young stars from Hendrick Motorsports with him to help introduce them to fans, which would be a huge win for NASCAR.

With that being said, Dale Jr would be a much better choice for The ESPY’s when it comes to star power and would also generate a lot of positive¬† press for all parties in involved. In the end, its a win win situation for everyone involved and it saves The ESPY’s the embarrassment of having one of the most over hyped drivers of all time host their show!



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