Five Drivers That Could Replace Danica Patrick As The Host Of The ESPY’s

#2  Tony Stewart.

Another man that reeks of personality and a wicked sense of humor to back it up, Tony Stewart ios pretty much the perfect pick for any hosting gig. Not only is he capable of going on cuss filled rants that will leave the network in fear of what will happen next, it would also be a great way to bring in NASCAR fans as well.

In fact, the once in a lifetime nature of an event like this would probably be enough to bring back fans that haven’t watched NASCAR in quite a while. It could even be enough to get those same fans to maybe give the sport one more chance, which would be extremely lucrative for the struggling sport right now.

Maybe it wouldn’t make sense to other sports fans, especially since The ESPY’s have a large list of other athletes to draw from in various other sports, but it would be a good deal for the sport of NASCAR. With that being said however, that’s probably the least of The ESPY’s worries and wouldn’t even bother to try something as outside of the box as this.

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