Five Controversial Statements Drivers Made About Possible NASCAR Buyout

#2 Kevin Harvick: Cup Series driver

While it does feel uncomfortable to hear a longtime driver see opportunity for growth through the selling of NASCAR, Kevin Harvick seemed to have the best case for doing so. Not only did the former Cup Series champion and Daytona 500 seems excited about the potential sale, he also talked about it from a business standpoint as well.

“Is it somebody that comes in and says, ‘OK, we’re going to structure it like an actual league where everybody’s kind of sharing in the TV revenue more evenly?'” Harvick asked. “So that they’re not so dependent on sponsors? So that these team owners can have real franchises that are worth value that other people want to come in to buy? I think there’s some real opportunities you could talk about.”

In the end, Harvick’s words are still hard to hear, but the are also potent and business centered. He seems concerned with the meat and potatoes of the matter and wants the potential sale to be lucrative for everyone. With that being said its nice to see such dedication to the sports future and its bottom line!

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