Five Controversial Statements Drivers Made About Possible NASCAR Buyout

#4 Aric Almirola: Cup Series driver

Believe it or not, some drivers are just happy that they have a place to race. That seemed to be the overall mindset when he talked to reporters about the potential sale of the sport.  In fact, he didn’t mean to mind the sale at all, telling reporters that he was,” Just excited to race and that it was what he loved.

In all honesty, its hard to see a relatively younger aged star not be invested in the future of the sport at all. Of course Almirola is free to do what he wants to, but one would hope that he would be  more involved in the future of the sport and not be so passive about the potential of it being sold to someone else.

“As long as there is a place for me to show up and race, I’ve got my helmet and I’m ready to go race,”“I just love to race cars and that’s kind of my take on it all. I’ve raced for a lot of different sanctioning bodies throughout my career, whether it was the World Karting Association, or the Florida Automobile Stock Car Racing Association or whatever the next series was or the NASCAR Late Model Series, and I just show up every single weekend excited to go race and that’s what I love.”

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