Five Controversial Statements Drivers Made About Possible NASCAR Buyout


Is NASCAR for sale?

While an inside source familiar with the matter claimed that NASCAR teamed up with Goldman Sachs to shop around for a bu yer, its still not known whether it is a sign that the sport will be sold or not. NASCAR even sent a memo to employees to ensure them that they would not respond to, ” Industry rumors,” and that there was nothing to worry about.

With that being said and NASCAR’s downward turn over the last couple of years, one has to wonder if The France are actually considering selling the sport that had literally been in their family for generations. Furthermore, one has to wonder what the result of the sell would be and what changes the new owner made.

Interestingly enough, NASCAR Cup Series driver sounded off about the rumors that have been circulating around all week and they  were quite surprisingly to say the least. In fact the drivers that were talked to about the subject, seemed absolutely fine about the sport changing hands to someone outside of The France family.

Below are some of the best responses!

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