Five Controversial Statements Danica Patrick Made About NASCAR This Week

#3 Which sport is more dangerous

While there is absolutely no question that the speeds reached in an Indycar and relatively low protection for drivers makes it more dangerous,  Patrick went a step further during her analogy. In fact, Patrick seemed to allude to the fact that you could keep your seat belt loose in a stock car, which is hugely disrespectful to both NASCAR and the drivers that have gotten hurt in the sport.

Maybe this isn’t a popular thing to say but you didn’t have to run the belts all that tight in a stock car,” she said. “You didn’t have to worry about your helmet or the padding that much (in NASCAR). It was all just like fine. But in an Indy car, it’s all critical.”

With that in mind, this isn’t something  that Patrick should have said and it only undermines the safety aspect of NASCAR Again, this doesn’t mean that Patrick isn’t right about Indycar being more dangerous due to its lack of protection in the car, but she seems to be forgetting that drivers have been seriously injured inside stockcars even with safety precautions followed!

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