Five Controversial Statements Danica Patrick Made About NASCAR This Week

#5 Difference between Stock cars and indycars.

Danica Patrick has competed in both Indycar and NASCAR, but claims that NASCAR was the easier to drive. That’s a very interesting statement considering she was never able to get a win or even a top-five during her time in NASCAR, which should have been easy given the fact that she was with a top tiered team like Stewart Haas Racing.

In fact, Aric Almirola’s current stats of four top-ten’s in ten races pretty much proves that any problems with the #10 car were from the driver or the sponsorship side. Of course Aric Almirola has failed to win a race yet in 2018, but he has come a lot closer then Danica Patrick ever dreamed of!

“All the IndyCar fans out there might find this warm and fuzzy, Patrick said during an interview after practice. but everyone would always ask me if I had a hard time driving those big old stock cars and if they were really physical, and I’m like (she snickers), ‘No, they are way easier than an Indy car to drive.’”

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