Five Controversial Rule Changes NASCAR Must Consider During The Off season

#1 Shorter segments

Be honest. You’re a little bit surprised that this would be the number one thing that will save NASCAR, right? While it may seem a little ridiculous, especially since there are a lot of fans that hate the idea of segment racing, maybe they wouldn’t hate it as much if the segments actually did what they were supposed to do.

With that being said, if NASCAR were to implement shorter segments or even more segments with shorter length’s, they might be able to make things more exciting. Of course that doesn’t mean every race is going to be a photo finish to the line, but shorter segments at least opens the possibility of it being a bit closer or a more consistent basis.

Going back to the idea of more segments, this allows NASCAR to make things more exciting and also hand out more playoff points during each race. At least that would keep things interesting and might even give smaller teams a chance to shine in the spotlight if they can somehow come out on top at the end of a stage.

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