Five Controversial Rule Changes NASCAR Must Consider During The Off season

#3 Shorter season

Believe it or not, NASCAR  would greatly benefit from a shorter season and it could even bring fans back to the sport in the process. For example, NASCAR could do a 26 race season, which would consist of 16 regular season races and ten playoff races. Not only would doing this cut down on a a lot of operation costs for teams, tracks and fans, it also creates a better racing product.

Think about it. NASCAR’s best drivers would now only have 16 races to lock themselves into the playoffs! While some might argue that isn’t enough races to determine a playoff field and that the big three would just dominate the regular season, one has to consider that it also puts a bigger spotlight on who actually manages to squeak their way in.

Beyond that, cutting ten races from the schedule allows NASCAR to end its season before it is forced to compete with The NFL for viewers attention. In the end, the biggest reason a shorter season is a great idea for NASCAR is that it creates more of this do or die nature that has made NASCAR more fun to watch lately. Its do or die and its going to create some fun moments!

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