Five Controversial Changes NASCAR Must Make To Their Playoff System In 2019

#3 Eliminate 6 drivers every two races

Not only would eliminating six drivers every two races be a great way to create an anything can happen atmosphere during the playoffs, it also creates a situation where more drivers will make it to the final finale in Homestead Miami. If nothing else, eliminat9ing more drivers is a important.  step in the process of making the playoffs more exciting and while its a small one, it will serve a crucial role later.

With that being said, imagine six drivers competing for their playoff life’s every two freaking weeks! Interestingly enough, this would also serve as an equalizer for teams hoping to unseat the big three in the playoffs and make a run at the titles themselves. In the end, maybe it will be more based on luck then some fans would like, but that’s kind of the direction they were going in anyway.

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