Five Controversial Changes NASCAR Must Make To Their Playoff System In 2019

#4 Expand the playoff field to 24

Let’s be honest here.

The playoffs have centered around artificial excitement for a long time now and while some of that gets annoying from time to time, it can also be used to help enhance the playoff system in viable ways as well. For example, if NASCAR were to expand the playoff field to 24 drivers, it would give a lot more teams a chance to compete, help their sponsors gain more attention and give drivers more experience.

While some might think this hurts the legitimatcy of the playoff system and that the field should be kept at 16 drivers, expanding it to 24 drivers has a lot more benefits to it. In fact, it means that more drivers can be eliminated each round, which will only serve to make the playoffs even more intense and allow for a few underdog stories in the meantime time.

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