Five Controversial Changes NASCAR Must Make To Their Playoff System In 2019

#5 Shorten the playoffs to seven races.

A shorter postseason might feel like a bit of a drag, but there are other fans that would say ten races is way to many in determining a champion. With that in mind and the playoffs starting around the same time The NFL season does, the sport is forced to compete for attention against the biggest sport in North America.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, they have been steadily losing this competition for a long time now and really need to go back to the drawing board in order to bring eyeballs back. One way to do that would be to shorten the postseason to seven races, which will consist of three rounds of two races and a championship race at homestead.

Not only does this increase the excitement level for fans, especially since there will be an elimination every two races instead of every  three, it also shortens the post season a little bit and moves things along a bit faster as well. Sure, seven seems like a pretty arbitrary number and it would be tough to decide on what tracks to  cut, but a shorter season means possibly holding onto people’s attention.

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