Five Controversial Changes NASCAR Must Make To Their Playoff System In 2019


Doesn’t it feel unfinished?

While NASCAR officials did a great job when they unveiled the ten race, four round elimination playoff system to determine The Champion at the end of the season, they did so with some pretty bad decision making that hurt its credibility. Furthermore, it seemed like it was more geared towards excitement then creating a legitimate champion at the end of the season.

With that being said, the format does have its strong points and even its defenders, but what if NASCAR made a few more changes to it so everyone could enjoy? Of course the change probably wouldn’t please every single person that watches the sport, especially with how divided NASCAR seems to be at times, but it might succeed in pleasing the majority if the right things are added.

Again, since we are aiming to please the majority and not everyone, some of these ideas might not stick as much as others do. In fact, if you’re a NASCAR purist, some of these choices might enrage you and make you want to give up on the sport completely. For those that want to see NASCAR reach its final form however, here are five changes its playoff system needs.

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