Five Bold Predictions For The 2018 NASCAR Playoffs

#2 Martin Truex Jr doesn’t make it to final four

Martin Treux Jr has four wins, 16 top-five’s and 16 top-ten’s in the first 27 races of the 2018 season, but how much longer will that success last  with his departure from FRR looming? sure, Truex Jr and Barry Visser have been adamant about pulling out all the stops for this final season, but how will the team react when the pressure amps up through the postseason?

With that being said, one bad mistake can put Truex and his team in the hole and while Treux could respond positively to the pressure by overcoming it, he and his team could also succumb to said pressure and lose out on a second straight championship. Whether fans want to believe it or not, the problems behind the scenes are going to come out sooner or later and its going to spell the end of Truex Jr’s championship run.

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