Five Bold Predictions For The 2018 NASCAR Playoffs

Jimmie Johnson makes it to final four.

While Jimmie Johnson hasn’t won a race this year and had to qualify for the playoffs on points, he could go all the way in the postseason if other drivers keep having the problems that they currently are. Of course Johnson is going to have to have an uptick in performance, speed and in pit stops to do his part, but its at least possible.

In fact, Johnson managed to finish in the top-20 at all three of the tracks in the second round of the playoffs and could very well replicate that to get into the third round on points. Unfortunately for Johnson, his worst round will be probably be the third, where he has multiple finishes outside the top ten and were dominated by other drivers.

In the end though, if Johnson can survive all of that, then he has a chance to win his 8th championship in The Cup Series. Furthermore, he has won at Homestead Miami before, which is a pretty good indicator that he could do so again. of course he’s going to need more luck then he has had all season and in last year’s playoffs, but if anyone can do it, its definitely him.

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