Five Bold Predictions For The 2018 NASCAR Playoffs


What will happen in the playoffs.

That’s a fun question to ask in any sport and NASCAR is no exception to that rule. In fact, predicting the NASCAR playoffs is a lot like predicting The NCAA March Madness tournament, it involves a lot of different factors that act as a equalizer for the entire field and is thus pretty much impossible to predict perfectly.

Of course some people might get lucky or even use stats as basis to determine who the champion will be will at the end of the season, but its very difficult to do. What’s even harder to figure out however, is how everything will play out, which usually creates quite a few interesting situations when it comes to NASCAR.

With that being said and the playoffs getting started, here are five predictions for The 2018 NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. Keep in mind that these will be based on things like statistics, 2018 season stats and momentum and might not be entirely accurate. Some also might be based off of opinions or observations, which means that they could be a little biased in some ways.

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