Finn Balor Possibly Injured During Match Against The Revival

Finn Balor teamed with Karl Anderson to take on The Revival on Monday Night Raw and while The Balor Club defeated the dastardly heels in a short amount of time, Balor seemed to be struggling with his shoulder after the match. In fact, it seemed to be hurting him so much that Karl Anderson had to raise The Demon Kings other hand in victory instead.

Finn Balor already took a huge hit in momentum after losing to John Cena in last weeks main event on Monday Night Raw and really needed to gain some momentum this week on Raw. Unfortunately for The Balor Club, they were thrust into a tag team match against The Revival, where Balor seemed to hurt his arm/ shoulder area.

The incident seemed to occur when Balor went for one of his thrilling drop kicks to Anderson in the corner, but landed a little awkwardly on the ground. Of course Balor was able to continue the match, even hitting a slingblade and a Balor stomp, but he seemed to be favoring his arm after the contest ended.

Like it or not, if Balor was injured during the match agaisnt The Revival, he risks being sidelined during WrestleMania for the second year in a Raw. While that might not sound like such a bad thing, especially with him seemingly already out of the title hunt, its probably not going to raise his stock with The WWE either.

In the end, another injury for Balor robs him of a WrestleMania moment and also could hurt his chances of chasing the title later on.Finn Balor was later announced as one of the four competitors for the last chance fatal four way match next week on Raw to determine who will be added to The men’s Elimination Chamber match, but who knows if he will be able to compete after the way he was holding his shoulder after the match?

Hopefully Balor isn’t injured, but its really hard to care with all the meaningless storylines they have been putting him in. It honestly just seems like squash match after squash match for Balor and that’s really killing his momentum with fans right now. Not only that, if he really is injured, he would be much better off resting instead of risking injury for pointless matches

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