Everything NFL Fans Need To Know About The Kansas City Chiefs Releasing Kareem Hunt

Conflicting reports

According to a police report obtained by NFL.com regarding the incident,” witnesses gave conflicting reports to officers about what led to the altercation. Hunt said he found two women with a man he knew when he returned to his room at The Metropolitan in Cleveland early on the morning of Feb. 10. He said he told the women to leave after learning they were 19 years old. One of the women said she was told to leave after she refused to be with one of the men in the room with Hunt.” 

Another part of the police report claims that,”one of the women involved yelled in the hallway and banged on the door of the room after being escorted out. One of the men with Hunt told police that the woman called Hunt names and used racial slurs before Hunt confronted her.”

Hunt released a statement before he was fired, claiming that he, “deeply regrets his actions and hopes he can move on from what happened. The NFL is reporting that Hunt is currently on The Reserve/Commisioner exempt list and that there were no plans to charge the running back. 

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