Enzo Amore Has Epic Response To Big Cass Being Released By WWE


Enzo Amore and Big Cass’s debuted on the main roster as one of the most hyped tag teams in the company’s history, but a sexual assault allegation, backstage incidents and a bad attitude has left both men looking for employment elsewhere. Unfortunately for Cass, who was shown the door Tuesday afternoon, Amore got some revenge on his former friend in a tweet.

It is being speculated by Wrestlevotes.com, that Big Cass had a bad attitude about something backstage at Money In The Bank and it resulted in him pissing someone off. With that being said Cass was then let go by the company after taking two straight loses by tap out to Daniel Bryan at Backlash and Money in the bank.

Things only got worse for Cass however when his former teammate, Enzo Amore, tweeted out the hashtag #howyoudoin to his followers. While its not exactly known whether it was a response to Cass’s release or not, a lot of fans are speculating that it is and they point to the fact that the two are no longer friends as the reason why.

Enzo Amore even did an interview with The Store Horesmen podcast  last week and talked about when his and Cass’s friendship came to an end. Interestingly enough, Amore alleges that the two haven’t talked since the night Cass was injured during their match at Brooklyn and he actually blames Cass for not finishing the match.

Me and him don’t talk. We haven’t. Not since Brooklyn,” said Real1. “But, I don’t have any ill feelings, like dude it was one of those deals in that time where I was like, I said, ‘you can forgive somebody, but you’ll never forget it.’ And, I just looked at the situation that we were in, bro. We had the number one f–king ratings draw of the year in 2017 by breaking up, and then the hottest storyline going into SummerSlam and then it died off and then the Big Show got involved, and then they had their match where I was locked up in them bars and s–t. But the next night was our blow-off. ”


So [we do] the blow-off, and I know I’m going to 205 Live, I’ve known that for months. I was the one who pitched it. I was coupling my music with a live tour with 205 Live, that was the pitch. So, I know that I’m going to 205 Live the next day, me and him are done with our feud, and basically, I’m in the ring [in] Brooklyn, the payoff is I get this f–kin chair in my hands. You tear your ACL in our business. I mean, Triple H tore his quad and sat in a Sharpshooter. Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed in the ugliest school boy in the history of the f–king business. I’ve been picked and thrown down the ramp, have a sciatic issue from f–king sensitivity class from prison… I let you pick me up and throw me over your head and throw me out of the f–kin ring. I made you look like the biggest beast there ever was because I was more invested in you as a human and a wrestler and doing business with you in the future than anyone else, right? We can make money down the line for 10, 20 years in that business. And in the moment when I pick up a f–kin chair in Brooklyn, and they’re going apes–t f–kin buck wild, you were all out of the ring and quit on live f–kin TV in the most awkward moment ever.

What are your thoughts?  Is Amore justified in his thinking and in gloating about Cass being fired? Let us know in the comments below!



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