Donald Trump caught lying about NASCAR during bizzare rant

Indianapolis 500 winner, Simon Pagenaud visited The White House Monday to celebrate his big win with President Trump, but quickly found himself overshadowed by fellow American motorsport, NASCAR. In fact, Trump even lied about NASCAR endorsing him.

While it is true that Brian France Jr and a few fellow NASCAR drivers endorsed Donald Trump during a campaign rally in 2016, France Jr made sure to caution that he was supporting Trump as an individual and not as NASCAR itself.

“And I love NASCAR because they endorsed me,” Trump beamed during Simon Pagenaud’s visit to The White House on Monday afternoon,” I think it’s the first time ever that a sports league endorsed a candidate. The whole league endorsed me. “

Trump went on to call Pagenaud a brave man for driving at the speeds he did to the Indianapolis 500 and that he wouldn’t have the courage to do it himself. He then said he might give it a shot due to the beauty of the trophy given to the winner of the race.

“As a Frenchman, it’s such an honor to represent my country here today,”, ” in the biggest race in the world. Especially, being invited to come to the White House with President Trump, Pagenaud said during his white house visit,” is a phenomenal achievement,” he said, going on to give credit to Penske and his team.

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