Denny Hamlin Makes Controversial Statement About Chase Elliott During Interview


Its been five months since Denny Hamlin pushed Chase Elliott’s car through turn two at Martinsville by accident and while a lot of fans are probably hoping for round two of that incident on Sunday, it seems like neither of the drivers involved feel the same way. In fact, both Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin seem content with just chalking it up as short tract racing and moving on to the next challenge in front of them.

Unfortunately for Chase Elliott fans, its a little hard to do that when the young drivers chance at a spot in the final four and his first win at The Cup level escaped his grasp in the final moments of the race. With that being said though, Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott were pressed on the matter this week by the media and two had some very mature statements for the reporters.

“I try to make myself think about the characteristics and things that our car was doing that made us good,” Elliott told reporters when asked about the incident, “and just try to run laps in my head and try to have … I remember a lot of that night. When your cars are good a lot of times I feel like you remember certain things about them, and you just try to think back on the small things that were making the difference, that were allowing us to have the performance we had.”

Interestingly enough, Denny Hamlin also spoke to the media about the matter and while nothing will ever take away the pain of coming up just short of the final four and his first career Cup win, Hamlin seemed to take the sting out of it a bit by apologizing. In fact, he even told reporters the exact moment he went wrong during the five hundred lap race last October.

“It was a mistake on my part, and I’ve moved on from it,” Hamlin said when giving his side of the story,. “We both have. We’ve raced each other quite a bit since then. “Those type of incidents have happened for a long time in the course of NASCAR history by a lot of different people. … It’s part of short-track racing. It was so long ago that my focus has already shifted to this season. I can’t go back, so I’ve got to go forward.”

With that being said, it seems like both drivers have made their peace with the incident and there really is no story to the matter anymore. Chase moved on, Hamlin moved on and hopefully now NASCAR fans and reporters can too. What are your thoughts? Is it nice that Hamlin finally apologized for what happened between him and Elliott last year? Let us know in the comments below!

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