Denny Hamlin Caught Threatening Chase Elliott During Interview

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Denny Hamlin versus Chase Elliott. Its no secret that this feud captivated NASCAR fans during the final month of the season and while the two seemingly settled the score after Elliott raced Hamlin a little too hard during The Fall race at Phoenix, Unfortunately for Chase Elliott, who doesn’t need any distractions while chasing his first checkered flag and championship in 2018, Hamlin hinted during an interview that things might not exactly be over yet.

The incident, which occurred when Denny Hamlin intentionally or unintentionally pushed Chase Elliott through a turn and cost him his first win, not to mention a spot in the final four. NASCAR fans only added to the already intense feud between the two drivers, but most of them seemed to be behind Elliott due to him being robbed of his first victory for the up-tenth time.

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Elliott responded by making door contact with Denny Hamlin, which cost him his chance to make the final four and handed the position to Brad Keselowski after Hamlin cut a tire. With that being said, the feud between the two star drivers was seemingly quelled heading into Championship weekend at Homestead Miami Speedway, but Hamlin had to run his mouth again.

“The way we race each other has been set and will be set for a while,” Hamlin told reporters when asked about how things would be moving forward between him and Chase Elliott in 2018. While the comment is understandable, especially since the incident at Phoenix cost Hamlin a spot in the final four at Miami, one has to wonder if he isn’t putting more of a target on his back by continuously addressing The Chase Elliott situation.

In fact, Hamlin would probably have been better off if he had done what Chase Elliott did after the incident at Martinsville and refused to talk about it. Sure, Elliott did subtly hint at taking out Hamlin by saying he would move anyone out of the way in order to win his first race or title, but he never outright milked the matter in the media like Hamlin seems to be doing.

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