Daniel Bryan,

Daniel Bryan Caught Making Huge Mistake On Smackdown Live

Daniel Bryan,
Did Daniel Bryan make a mistake during The Smackdown Live gauntlet match.


Did Daniel Bryan go too far.

Believe it or not that is the question that some fans are asking after Daniel Bryan competed in a gauntlet match and at one point was seen doing a diving headbutt onto a grounded opponent. Some are criticizing the move, claiming that Bryan took an unnecessary risk in the ring, but others are saying that its just his move set.

Of course a lot of this discussion has to do with Daniel Bryan being forced to go into retirement after suffering multiple concussions throughout his career, but was it really a mistake to do the type of things that Bryan in known for. In fact, isn’t that what made fans fall in love with Daniel Bryan in the first place? The extent he was willing to go through to be the best?

According to Kevin Wong in an article from  Gamespot.com,” A man with a history of multiple concussions (and a lesser history of concealing them from others) put himself at considerable, unnecessary risk for no reason. And if WWE officials signed off or approved of this, they’re complicit in his recklessness. ”

It is worth noting that the incident was not apart of the video clips available on WWE.com after the match, but WWE cut out several other highlights in favor of the ones they selected as well. In the end, Wong claims that The WWE Universe shouldn’t encourage this kind of behavior from Bryan, especially due to his medical history and that WWE needs to stop him from doing it again.

Also according to Wong,”Bryan needs to control himself. And if he can’t do that, WWE needs to step in and do it for him, whether that’s by banning the move, reprimanding him, fining him, or firing him. The company may not be directly responsible for Bryan destroying himself; the man can make his own choices, no matter how destructive. But it doesn’t mean the fans have to accept it as a given, or that WWE has to give him a platform to broadcast it on.”

What are your thoughts? Should Bryan be forced to take it easier after his return to WWE? Should he be doing these notably reckless moves that have injured superstars in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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