Danica Patrick Shares Controversial Photo Of Kyle Larson’s Son On Twitter


What was she thinking!

Not only do her actions not fit with the family friendly brand NASCAR has been going for over the past few years, it also raises questions of what is acceptable to post on Twitter in today’s day and age. Unfortunately for Danica Patrick who had the best string of finishes in her career over the past three weeks, she will now have to answer some tough questions after posting a inappropriate photo of Kyle Larson’s son.

With that being said, Kyle Larson has some explaining to do too after posting the photo in the first place and hopefully some kind of apology or recourse will be issued.  Sure, its easy to see the comedy in the situation, especially since Patrick shared the photo as a joke with the caption, Happy birthday to father of the year!!!!!! Is this a new form of treating tires @kylelarson42 , but that still doesn’t mean its appropriate to share with the world.

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Whats also interesting here is how it will stack up to the other non family friendly incidents that NASCAR has had this year. NASCAR already took flack at the beginning of the year for the extremely revealing nature of the sport’s new Monster Girls and only made things worse by later defending the action, but claiming to be family friendly. They then followed that up a few months later by not allowing a Cannabis sponsor in Kansas.

While the photo will not be shown on this website due to its controversial nature, it can be viewed here and also on Danica Patrick’s twitter.  The question of whether it is appropriate however depends on who you ask and different people will certainly have different reactions to the photo, but if NASCAR does want to portray this family friendly image, how does Danica Patrick’s post fit in with that.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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