Danica Patrick Makes Extremely Controversial Statement About National Anthem Protests During Interview


Might as well burn as many bridges as you can on the way out.

Of course its not exactly known if Danica Patrick will be returning to The Monster Energy Cup Series next year after it was announced that SHR and Danica Patrick would be parting ways at the end of the season, but with several competitive rides already off the table, it comes as a bit of surprise that Patrick would decide to say anything that would ruin any other chances she has left at NASCAR’s top level.

“How you run your business is how you run your business,” she Patrick said when asked about team owners threatening to fire drivers and crew members that protested The National Anthem, “You sign a contract that says you’re an independent contractor or you sign one that says you’re an employee. Maybe it comes down to that or maybe it comes down to doing your job. You have to figure out what’s more important. If you think something should be done differently and you might sacrifice your job, that’s your choice. It’s your choice the other way, too.”

While the statement made by Danica Patrick probably wont cause her any repercussions from team owners, fans and sponsors alike could see her reaction to the controversy as very divisive and anti free speech. With that being said, its impossible to know the long term effects of something like this, but with Trump remaining a revered figure in the public eye and the topic of racism becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, it doesn’t look good for someone hoping to stay at The Cup Level next season

In fact, that. along with her statements about refusing to race in a lower tier series and with a sub par team next season, seems to point to the fact that Danica Patrick just doesn’t care anymore. She believes she’s a valuable commodity and if she isn’t treated as such, she plans to walk away from the sport for good and that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

It could be a good thing if she is able to capitalize on her popularity in the sport of auto racing over the last couple years and create a worthwhile platform in the public eye. With that being said, the demands she is making could also backfire in her face, and along with her multiple incidents this season, could leave her without a job and tarnish her reputation in the public eye.

What are your thoughts? Does Danica Patrick deserve another chance at NASCAR’s top level? Does she deserve a quality ride and the luxury of being with a team that is capable of winning races? Or will her incidents at Pocono this summer and the statement about the national anthem protest hurt her in a way that she is unable to recover from? Let us know in the comments below!




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