Danica Patrick Makes Controversial Statement About Her Future In The Cup Series


Can Danica Patrick do anything right?

It seems like no matter what she says or what she does, someone is always going to have a reaction to it and while a lot of what she is blamed for by fans is nonsense, there are other times where she is her own worse enemy. Take the first summer race at Pocono for example, where although she was being heckled by fans over not wanting to sign autographs after practice, she didn’t make the situation by lashing out at the crowd.

Unfortunately for Danica Patrick, who currently finds herself in danger of not having a ride for the 2018 season after it was revealed that there is a opt out option in her contract, she made the ridiculous mistake of making comments about Stewart Haas Racing that seem to point to her not being grateful for the opportunities she was already afforded by the powerhouse Cup Series team.

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“I want to continue racing if I have an opportunity to do well,” Patrick said during an interview  “I have no interest, as I’ve said for years now, to run 20th to 25th. That’s not fun. if I don’t feel like I can have the opportunity to move on from there and have a better opportunity, then honestly, I don’t care [about racing] just because it’s not fun. I don’t drive because I love the thrill of getting sideways.”

With that being said, it really seems like Danica Patrick knows her time is up at SHR at the end of the season and is just taking pot shots at her team to rile them up. Whats interesting here is that she says she will only remain in racing if she has a chance to remain competitive, which she should have been able to do at SHR in the #10 but that never ended up happening.

Why though? Why would Danica Patrick be the only SHR driver not even close to a playoff spot, the only driver on the team with no wins in her career and the only driver continuing to be nothing more then mid pack fodder week after week. Its almost as if Patrick and her lack of performance is the real problem here, but she just cant admit it to herself that shes more of a marketing ploy then a stock car racer.

Adding to the hopelessness of Patrick’s current situation is the fact that if she does end up being done with SHR, she really has nowhere else to go if she wants to continue at The Cup level. Sure, there’s a spot here and spot there open with decent performing Cup teams, but one would think those would go to drivers like Bubba Wallace Jr, Kasey Kahne and Matt Kenseth, who are all still looking for Cup rides in 2018.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to let us know if you think Patrick will stay with SHR next year, end up somewhere else, or leave NASCAR completely!


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