Dana Brooke Upset With WWE For Shocking Reason


We can’t all be winners.

Unfortunately for Dana Brooke, who’s career was given new life when she was named as the statistician for TItus Worldwide, she hasn’t been featured on television lately and apparently misses wrestling. All of this was revealed by Brook during a tweet in which she told fans that she wouldn’t be on tv that night.

Brooke has also been retweeting and liking comments by fans about how she deserves a push and should be given TV time to grow as a superstar. While the group she manages, Titus World Wide, used to be a midcard staple tag team on Raw, they are now seeing less and less TV time due to the bloated nature of the current tag team roster.

Whether that changes or not remains to be seen and will be highly dependent on what WWE plans to do next with the tag team division, but being off television for this long can’t be a good sign. In fact, with how Big Cass was released by WWE this week, she could soon face the same fate before Titus O’Neil and Apollo even return to Raw.

In the end, complaining about this probably isn’t going to help Brooke out with WWE creative, but its not like WWE has really been able to do much with her anyway. She started out her career on the main roster as Charlotte Flair’s protege, but quickly fell off  the face of the earth since then and ended up working with Titus World Wide over a year later.






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