Dale JR Issues Huge Warning To NASCAR Fans About The Sport’s Future.


Dale Earnhardt Jr has been a very important part of  the sport of NASCAR for many years now and while he hasn’t always found success at NASCAR’s top level, he has always had a way with fans in a way that no one else really could. Whether all of that has to do with his last name and who is father is are topics to be debated at another time, but it still doesn’t change the fact that when Dale Jr talks, people listen!

And maybe he knows that boy now, especially since he has been the one to calm down fans when they were in near riot mod, but no where did he do a better job of just that when he was on twitter earlier this month and talked about the future of the sport. Not only did the 17 time most popular driver give fans a reason to watch NASCAR in the future, he gave his valuable endorsement to the sports young crop of talent as well.

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With Dale Earnhardt Jr’s prophetic words in mind and  drivers like Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Austin Dillon, Ryan Blaney, Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott and William Byron all looking to make a name for themselves over the next decade or so, Earnhardt Jr has seemingly given these guys the endorsement of a lifetime. Not only that, its also a very direct message to fans about how they should stick around and give this new era a chance.

Will it work? The only way to see if when the cars unload at Daytona in February and we can see how many fans are in the stands and how many are watching at home. In the meantime though, we should probably thank Dale Earnhardt Jr for loving the sport so much and trying to make it great again. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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