Dale JR Discusses Creepy Experience He Had With A Fan At Kentucky


Every one has their limits.

Unfortunately for Dale Earnhardt Jr, who is set to retire after 17 seasons in The Cup Series, he reached that limit at Kentucky Motor Speedway last weekend when he was approached by a fan with a very weird request. While it wasn’t anything too outrageous like signing a random body part or a lucky pair of underwear that a fan shoved in his face, but Dale JR still found the encounter a little weird.

“I was walking through the garage area, and I’m 42, and there was a guy that might’ve been 40, 50 years old, hollerin’ at me in this big environment, lot of people,” Earnhardt said. “He’s hollering at me probably 20 yards away: ‘Dale, can I get a selfie?’ And I’m just thinking ‘man, it’s weird to hear that from another man. And so I was thinking to myself: Have I ever shouted ‘hey can I get a selfie’ to another man?”J

Of course there’s two sides to every story and while it does sound a little weird, especially given the mans age, but its Dale freaking JR! What person, man or woman, old or young, wouldn’t want to get a selfie with the 14 time most popular driver? In fact, its surprising that Dale JR didn’t have this kind of experience with a fan in the past and is only dealing with these kind of problems now.

What are your thoughts? Is it creepy or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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