Dale Earnhardt Jr Calls Out NASCAR For Not Making Controversial Rule Change


Leave it to Dale Earnhardt Jr to ruin all the fun!

While Dale JR is one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR’s storied history, he sure does have a way of disagreeing with fans and NASCAR officials more then he should. Of course his tweet that seemingly was a response to Donald Trump’s praise for NASCAR owners for threatening to fire drivers or team members that dared protest The National Anthem, but he also decided to give his opinion on drivers that intentionally do burnouts to damage the car as well.

“I have been kind of waiting all this time for NASCAR to eventually say look you know we would just rather you guys not blow the tires out,” Earnhardt said. “They talk about not wanting to be the ‘fun police.’ Being the ‘fun police’ is not on the radar of their damn problems, that is a copout in my opinion. But, I think that you can do burnouts without blowing the tires out. That happened for years.”

“I’ve been feeling this way about the blowouts for a long time Dale Earnhardt Jr told reporters when asked about drivers damaging their cars during post race victory celebrations in order to get past the inspection line without being caught cheating, ” It’s like damn, why don’t they just tell them to stop. You can do a damn burnout without blowing the tires out.”

With that being said, it seems that Dale Jr’s comments  hint at his displeasure with the way Toyota has been dominating this season and now even NASCAR’s most popular driver is forced to public political moves in order to give Chevrolet the competitive edge they so desperately need right now. What’s interesting here though, is whether NASCAR will Ultimately decide to listen to their golden boy or not.

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