Dale Earnhardt Jr Admits To Cheating In The Cup Series During Podcast

Nigel Kinrade/LAT Images


Its no secret that Dale Earnhardt jr’s fans find the man infallible and awesome.

While the awesome part might be true, especially with two Daytona 500 victories, six wins at Talladega Super speedway and 14 most popular driver of the year awards, the fan is not infallible and is human like the rest of us. Of course fans are probably going to hate that statement and claim that the man walks on water, the fact is that it just isn’t true.

In fact, Dale Earnhardt Jr admitted on his Dale JR download podcast on Wednesday that he has intentionally wrecked drivers in the past and also that he has intentionally caused wrecks in order to benefit himself and his team. One of those moments was at Bristol in 2004 when he intentionally spun himself in order to bring out the caution and save himself some track position.

“I would lump that one into the group, that was an intentional wreck. … I went to the back and made sure there was a lot of room between me and the next guy.I had a loose wheel or a flat tire,” Dale JR said recalling the incident,” and if you pit, you’re gonna go down two laps. So I thought if I’d spin out, maybe I’d only lose one. And then I got fined because I admitted it. I kind of bragged about it, which was stupid.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr was also asked on Twitter by a fan if he remembers wrecking Brian Vickers at Talladega and responded by saying that he didn’t remember it happening at Talladega, but remembered wrecking him at Daytona in 2012. What makes that admission even worse however is that JR apparently did it in order to get back on the lead lap and ended up taking out half the field in the process.

With that being said, none of this is a knock on the 14 time most popular driver, it is simply a case of show that the driver, like any other, is not infallible. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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