Cup Series Rookie Gets Extremely Cocky During Post Race Interview


Make a name for yourself.

Whether fans like it or not, that’s the a big part of how drivers make it in The Monster Energy Cup Series and while success on the track can lead to big things, it ultimately comes down to if someone can acquire sponsorship or not. Of course that has a lot to do with personality, which the sport of NASCAR is rich with and has been from the very beginning, but there are certain sides of your personality that probably shouldn’t be shown all the time.

Unfortunately for Daniel Suarez, who is currently in the midst of his rookie season in The Monster Energy Cup Series, he decided to let his personality out a little bit after a career best, third place finish at Watkins Glen and it was a little jaw dropping to say the least. That’s not to say that Suarez shouldn’t have expressed his happiness at his performance over the last few weeks, but he just did it so tastelessly.

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“We have speed pretty much every weekend now where we are running in the top 10. Suarez said after capturing  his fourth straight top-ten finish, “don’t think it’s a surprise anymore to run in the top 10. We just have to keep it up. We have to keep ourselves calm, and hopefully we can catch a break in the next few weeks, month or so, to try to make it in the playoffs.”

Again, Suarez has every right to happy about his luck over the past few weeks, but that’s all it really is at the end of the day. For example, Suarez’s seventh place finish at Indianapolis Motor Speedway two weeks came after multiple big wrecks and very wild restarts. Furthermore, his third place finish at Watkins Glen, which prompted his little self praise party, only happened because a lot of the front runners ran out of gas. at the end.

With that being said, if he wants to back up his words, he needs to do over the next five weeks and try to secure a win for the playoffs as well. Otherwise, his words are completely pointless and his string of strong finishes is nothing more then a bit of good luck. What are your thoughts? Can he still make The Playoffs with a win before the end of the regular season? Let us know in the comments below!

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