Cup Series Driver Calls Out NASCAR For Trying To Cover Up Pit Incident


Former NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Kevin Harvick, made headlines Sunday after having multiple incidents on pit road that ultimately cost him the race, which was eventually won by Kyle Busch. Unfortunately  for Kevin Harvick and NASCAR, one of the incidents occurred when a tire seemingly got away from Harvick’s rear tire changer, but NASCAR didn’t call a penalty.

Interestingly enough, The NASCAR rule book states that during a pit stop a tire can be no more then an arms length away from a crew member at any point, which is believed to be what happened during Harvick’s last pit stop. With that being being said, NASCAR seemed to be embarrassed by the no call decision and didn’t even bother to show the proper video after the race.


,”At least put the right pit stop in the video so the fans can have a proper chance to understand what is referring to,” Kevin Harvick said in a scathing remark to NASCAR on twitter.”. None of these videos have anything to do with it.”

NASCAR later took the video of the wrong pit stop down, but have not replaced it with the new one at the time of this writing.   NASCAR did later admit in an interview that the they made the wrong call, but blamed the chaotic nature of  pit stop and the inability to to computerize the process as a response for why it happened.

“In retrospect, looking at it, I think that certainly the penalty could have been called because it has to be in arm’s reach of a guy as he’s trying to control that tire Vice President of Competition, Steve Miller said in an interview,” , and it’s debatable whether or not this one got more than arm’s reach away.”

“There’s a lot of things on pit road that absolutely 100 percent indisputable,” Miller said. “ … One of the things that’s left – one of the few things that’s left – for the human to make the call on is the uncontrolled tire because there’s so many moving parts to a pit stop, we can’t automate that process. So, there’s judgment in those calls with the uncontrolled tire. And our guys’ judgment the tires that were called got away from the guy further than these did.

Ryan Blaney’s team also had a similar mishap on pit road earlier on in the race and was penalized for the offense.  In the end, its really cool that Kevin Harvick is advocating for both sides of the story in this one, especially since it will further help fans understand what happened and should be a great way for Harvick to show that he is behind the fans 100%

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