Chase Elliott’s Crew Chief Issues Huge Warning To Cup Series Drivers Ahead Of 2018 Season



You can only take so much before you blow.

Of course things reached a boiling point for Chase Elliott at Martinsville when Denny Hamlin spun him out going into the corner on the final lap, which cost him a spot in the final four and a shot at his first win. While Elliott handled the momentum with all the decorum in the world, even taking advice from his mother not to speak if you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, you could tell that a very different Chase Elliott was taking shape.

A Chase Elliott that was no longer going to take the crap handed to him on a weekly basis lying down. A Chase Elliott that would fight just a little bit harder and a Chase Elliott that would race others the way they raced him. Sure, fans didn’t’ get to see much of that, except at Phoenix where Elliott tangled with Hamlin to cost him a spot in the final four, but if that incident was any indicator, Elliott isn’t taking any crap in 2018.

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“What transpired at the end of the year shortened his fuse and got him to a point where his philosophy, his attitude, he was getting taken advantage of, Alan Gustafson said about Chase Elliott during an interview on Sirius XM NASCAR radio, ” I don’t disagree with his opinion, and I think that changed his outlook on how he was going to race.”

With that being said and the tenacity Chase Elliott showed even before the incident at Martinsville last year, it should go without saying that Alan Gustafson just put the entire Cup Series garage on notice in the most exciting way possible. In fact, Gustafson even stood behind his driver and agreed with his assessment of how he was being raced by other drivers, which shows a great chemistry between the two.

Whether that chemistry leads to wins and success in 2018 remains to be seen and will be a enticing plot point as the season plays out, but things are looking really good after that warning shot from Alan Gustafson during the interview! What are your thoughts? Do you think Elliott will show a different side in 2018? Let us know in the comments below and also tell us what you thought of Gustafon’s words.

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