Chase Elliott Takes Another Huge Shot At Denny Hamlin During Interview

Chase Elliott is running his mouth again.

While Elliott, who was denied a spot in the final four at Homestead Miami Speedway after being spun out on the last lap by Denny Hamlin, probably has the right to run his mouth for as long as he wants on the incident, one would think it would be in his best interest not and move on from the situation entirely. Unfortunately for anyone hoping for an end to this feud, Elliott was asked again about how he will race other drivers and said the following.

“mean I think it’s circumstantial,” Elliott said during a preseason test at Texas Motor Speedway “I think in life in general you can’t let people run over you and let them get away with it otherwise they are just going to keep doing it. I think that is just a part of life.  If you let somebody control you too much they are probably going to take advantage of you as it goes on.”

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Sure, it wasn’t a direct reference to what happened between him and Hamlin, which hopefully ended when Chase Elliott cost Hamlin a spot in the final four, but its easy to guess who he is talking about when he said this. With that being said, Elliott wasn’t done there, as he went on to say that” I want to beat people the right way because I think at the end of the day racing people the right way and doing it with respect is probably going to make them more mad than it would if you did something dirty to get by them.”

Again, hopefully the feud is over now that the two have settled the score at one a piece, but its probably also very likely that Hamlin won’t hesitate to put Hamlin in the wall if he dares try to cost him a victory again like he did at Martinsville in the fall. As for how Hamlin will race Elliott, hopefully he understands that what he did was wrong and will try to race drivers more clean in the future.

If not, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the two will cross paths again, or even worse, Hamlin will cross paths with another young star and cost him their first win as well. What are your thoughts? Can Hamlin and Elliott keep away from each other as the 2018 season unfolds? Let us know in the comments below and tell us who you will be rooting for if they end up tangling again.

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