Cam Newton Makes Extremely Sexist Statement To Female Reporter During Interview

With a 3-1 record and a three point win over Tom Brady and The Patriots last week, you would think that Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton, would only have good things to say during a press conference. Unfortunately for any of his fans or supporters that thought the man had an ounce of human decency or respect for other people, they were proved wrong once again when Cam Newton decided to call out a female reporter during an interview.

While the move was absolutely tasteless in every conceivable way and probably deserved a slap in the face from the female reporter, it also carried the always damaging narrative that woman couldn’t play football. Of course more and more woman are playing football now more then ever before at the peewee, middle, high, and even college level, Cam Newton still had to make a remark about woman asking about pass routes.

funny” to hear a “female” ask about routes,” Newton remarked after Charlotte Observer writer, Jourdain Rodrique asked him about one of his wide receivers playing well in last week’s game. The statement was seen as extremely sexist by many people and even prompted Rodrique to respond with the following tweet or her official twitter account.

With that being said and The Carolina Panthers coming into Sunday’s game against The Detroit Lions with a 3-1 record and a decent chance at victory, they might want to shut up their quarterback and make sure he doesn’t deserve as a distraction during this weeks pre gaming. In fact, its hard to imagine reporters not asking him about the incident for the entire week, which should be fun to watch how Newton ultimately decides to defend his actions.

In the end though, he needs to stop focusing on  making smarky ass remarks to reporters  and focus more on the game that he is paid to play in.

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