Brian France,

Brian France Comments On Rumor Of NASCAR Being For Sale

Brian France,
Brian France


Brian France addressed the media this week after rumors began circulating earlier this month that The France family was considering selling NASCAR to an outside buyer. The rumor was corroborated by  by multiple sources who  all claim that The France family has teamed up with investment firm, Goldman Sachs in order to shop around the sport to potential buyers.

“We’re locked and loaded. We’re doing our thing. Brian France said in response to rumors of NASCAR being for sale,” We’re very focused on what we’ve got to get done. That’s all. No comment necessary.”‘

NASCAR  also released a letter to employees earlier this month that claimed that they would not be speculating on what they described as, “industry rumors,” and that The France family was still committed to the employees and the business. While some saw the letter as comforting, others believed NASCAR was simply avoiding answering the question until something becomes official.

“For over 70 years, the France family has worked hard to invest in the sport of NASCAR, including our recent acquisitions of ARCA,” Dewar wrote in a letter addressing the rumor of NASCAR being for sale.

interestingly enough, NASCAR drivers have remained relatively positive about the possible sale and even believe it could be the start of changing long standing traditions in the sport. Others believe that it could also be the start of lower tiered teams having an actual chance to compete with the big boys and might even lead to more young guns getting a chance at the highest level.

“There are a lot of things that are done because they’ve always been done that way that maybe we can look at and talk about away from the track,” Truex Jr said about the possibility of NASCAR being for sale. “There’s definitely some opportunity for things to change to help the sport, help the teams, help the drivers ….

Retired Marine and former NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver echoed that sentiment by claiming that, “I don’t know man. It’s hard to say. It could go either way but change is a good thing. Anything but France at this point is a good change. Hopefully if it sells, the new owners can return it to its former glory. It’s too expensive and too out of grasp for anyone with some real roots to do anything with. It’s a sport for rich boys only right now and nobody in the NASCAR admin plans to change it.”

With that being said, a potential sale doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibilities, especially with sagging ratings, low attendance and a struggle to retain sponsorship at NASCAR’s highest level, but one has to wonder what the sport of NASCAR would look like without The France family leading the way.

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