Brian France Caught Being Extremely Disrespectful To Martin Truex Jr During Award Show

Brian France,
Brian France gave Martin Truex Jr the cold shoulder at NASCAR’s end of the year award show.

Shouldn’t Brian France be thankful?

Sure, his sport is in meltdown mode after losing many big names in such a short period of time and he is constantly chided for his decision making, but one would think  NASCAR’s CEO would at least be thankful that Martin Truex Jr managed to pull out a dominant season and become a first time champion in The Cup Series. Unfortunately for Treux Jr,  France didn’t seem  very appreciative of Truex and left the stage without giving him a handshake

That on its own wouldn’t be such a big deal and would just be laughed off as an awkward moment between the two, but Brian France made sure to shake Dale Earnhardt Jr’s hand after announcing that he had won NASCAR’s most popular driver of the year award for the 15th year in a row. In fact, France, who is accused of not being authentic by many media pundits, even managed a smile with Jr before leaving the stage.

Below is a GIF of the incident between Martin Truex Jr and Brian France that has been floating around twitter over the weekend. Of course its hard to know what the thinking was behind France not offering so much as a smile to Truex Jr and quickly walking off the stage after handing him his award, but it definitely shows that France was showing favoritism towards Dale Jr in this situation.


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With that being said and Dale Earnhardt JR’s retirement at the end of the 2017 season, it looks like France is trying desperately to hang on to the sports past stars and not appreciating the future the sport might have in front of them with stars like Alex Bowman, William Byron, Erik Jones, Daniel Suarez finally taking center stage at The Cup level.

In the end though, the young stars taking center stage in the sport wont matter if Brian France continuous to ignore  them in favor of second generation stars like Dale Earnhardt Jr, Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney and whoever else happens to come into the sport with a famous last name. In fact, it will only make the sports demise come that much  faster and be that much more painful to watch.

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