Asuka’s Opponent For TLC Pay Per View Revealed


No one is ready for Asuka!

Those were the words that were screamed in countless promo’s down in NXT and while Asuka might be small in stature, the woman is an absolute submission machine once she gets in the ring, which was  perfectly personified when Asuka made Bayley pass out and won The NXT Title. With that all being said and the overall scariness of the wrestling goddess that is Auska, her first main roster opponent has to be someone special.

That’s why Dave Meltzer is speculated that Nia Jax, Alicia Fox and Emma could end up being her opponent at TLC. Meltzer also speculated that WWE could put Asuka, with Bayley and Alicia Fox to take on the team of Jax, Emma and Fox. Its not known who would take the pin in that specific scenario, but one could assume that it would probably be Emma or Fox.


The problem with that finish though is that its almost a disservice to Asuka’s debut on the main roster. I mean, this is a woman that dominated NXT for over 500 days. A woman who made Bayley pass out to win The NXT Woman’s title for the first time in her career and looked completely bad ass doing it. If nothing else, having anyone else take the pin besides Nia Jax is a disservice.

With that being said, look for Asuka to get a DQ victory over the heel team after they single out and start to gain up on Asuka during the match. Asuka will then respond to wrecking the three of them and Sasha and Bayley can them come in to even the numbers up. The babyfaces could then stand tall to end the segment. If that isn’t good enough however, maybe Alicia Fox, Emma and Nia Jax can team up for a three to one handicap match.


That way Nia Jax doesn’t have to take the pin, Asuka looks super dominant in her debut and it sets up something later for Nia Jax and Asuka. In the end though, the move not to at least put her near the title picture from day one is a little bit of a  mystery all in itself. Sure, WWE has Alexa Bliss feuding with Mickie James right now, but how easy would it have been to speed up Asuka’s debut and have her take on Bliss.

What are your thoughts? Is WWE making a mistake by not having Asuka chase the title first, or is it smart to build something like that up for later in the year? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!




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