AJ Styles Comments on Rumors About Him Retiring Soon


AJ Styles,
AJ Styles on Smackdown Live

Is AJ Styles done with WWE? As ridiculous of a question as that does sound, especially after being only two weeks removed from taking The WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal, AJ Styles did a radio interview earlier this month and while The Phenomenal one didn’t come right out and say it, some fans felt like he at least alluded to his retirement when asked a question about  his wrestling career.

Work hard now, you enjoy it later,” AJ Styles said in the radio interview, which put many fans in a panic over whether he would actually retire or not, “In a couple of years, I’ll be able to catch every football game, every baseball game, every basketball game, cheerleading, gymnastics, whatever they’re in.” Fortunately for fans all riled up in a panic over this, Styles responded to the rumor when asked about it by a fan on Twitter.

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Below is the exchange between AJ Styles and the fan on Twitter

With that being said and the collective sigh of relief fans are probably breathing after hearing that the rumors aren’t true from the man himself, they can now shift their attention to what really matters and that’s watching AJ Styles be phenomenal. Furthermore, now they can enjoy his current WWE title reign on Smackdown Live without worrying about him hanging up the boots after that comes to an end.

When the title reign does come to an end, which could be awhile with how over Styles is with the crowd right now, he will should still be a crucial part of Smackdown Live and The WWE for many years to come.  In the end however, it is important, whether your favorite superstar is retiring soon or not, to enjoy the ride wherever it goes and cherish every moment along the way.

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