5 things WWE must do to improve The Women’s tag team division

#1 Get Vince McMahon involved.

Making things matter.

That is one of the biggest things The Women tag team division hasn’t done so far in its existence, but it is truly the only thing that can save it. With that in mind and rumors circulating in the past about Vince McMahon not being high on the division in the first place, why not incorporate it into a storyline?

Seriously though. What would be wrong with WWE setting up a fatal four-way tag team elimination match as the main event and then have McMahon cancel it abruptly in favor of something else? Not only will that rob fans of the blockbuster match they were supposed to see, but it also instantaneously paints McMahon as the bad guy.

After the initial shock of the announcement sinks in, McMahon can then start the next show by claiming that the division wasn’t a good idea and he was going to scrap it. This could then prompt the entire women’s division to walk out on WWE at the start of the show and ultimately force him to have the match as the evening’s main event.

Above all else, at least it gives the division something to fight against and an overarching narrative to go off of. Will it work in the long term? Probably not, but it’s not supposed to. What it is supposed to do is give the division the jumpstart it needs.

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