5 things WWE must do to improve The Women’s tag team division

#2 Make the division matter

This is something every division in WWE could benefit from doing and is also what will finally take The Women’s tag team division to that next level. Think about it! The more WWE blurs the lines and presents fiction as reality, the more The WWE Universe is ultimately going to care about it!

Beyond all that, it also allows The Women’s division to explore new opportunities in the non-PG Era and gain it’s edge back. While getting personal with storylines might not sound like that big of a change, especially with the problems the division still has, it becomes one when you look at what the company has done already.

From Ronda Rousey trying to expose pro wrestling to Superstars speaking their mind on the microphone, it’s safe to say the company has benefited from this style of storytelling. All the company has to do now is take that idea and figure out how to implement it into The tag team division.​

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