5 things WWE must do to improve The Women’s tag team division

#4 Feature more teams

Let’s be honest here.

Whether The WWE Universe wants to admit it or not, legends are a crucial part of the company’s product and can do wonders for a young Superstar or divisions future. If nothing else, pairing up women from the past with women from today is a great way to stir the pot in the division.

It would also allow for the older Superstars not have to carry a hard workload, give the younger star a chance to shine and help make The Women’s tag team division matter more. It could even give WWE the opportunity to create dream teams, which will only help assure that women’s tag team matches are must-watch TV again.

In all honesty, WWE has nothing to lose by pairing up stars from the past with stars of the future and could really create something special in the process. They also have a chance of giving young talent the rub by betraying a legend later on down the line, and making the division even more fun to watch!

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