5 things WWE must do to improve The Women’s tag team division

#5 Keep them on television

Why is the women’s tag team division so Barron?

The division was supposed to be a way to give women more opportunities on the main roster and showcase their tag team abilities, but there is much of a division to get excited about. In fact, WWE only has a handful of women’s tag teams at the moment and haven’t really taken the time to bring more together.

Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, that means the main title picture is the only thing getting air time and other parts of the division aren’t being highlighted as they should. It’s just a combination of the same three or four teams without anything else to act as a preview of what is next.

In the end, this essentially robs the division of a chance to build talent from the ground up and makes the division a sort of sideshow. If WWE wants to change that, however, they need to start creating more teams, putting them on television and building them up to take on the team of Bliss and Cross.

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